Monday, 6 November 2017


This morning at one of our favourite beaches it's a windy 9C  .....

Blue sky reflected on water  .....

Wave patterns in sand created by coal particles  .....

Princess is always looking for someone to play with - Poppy doesn't like to play  .....

She misses running with Maddy, but today she has found a playmate.

Maddy   ~    2002 - 2017

Gone to join Louis in the Happy Hunting Grounds

We lost our sweet Maddy in the Spring. She was such a bright and happy little dog -
always running. We miss her terribly.

Happy times - woodland walk with Maddy and Louis a few years ago  .....

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Mini Forest

Moss Forests

Conifer woods  -  Scottish Borders

Details from my painting  "Enchanted Forest" 

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Medieval Tower House

Driving in Borders country last week with Dritanje, we came across this ruined Tower House,
forlornly marking time in a hillside field.  Dritanje's blog .....RIVERTRAIN

Fortified Keeps or Tower Houses were a common form of architecture for landed families
in Scotland until late medieval times. Built for protection, they usually occupied
a prominent position overlooking surrounding countryside.
In times of danger brazier fires would be lit on rooftops across the area
to signal enemy approach.

The size of towers varied depending on wealth and status of the owners. 

Today the field is occupied by cows with calves, so we dare not investigate closer

Dry stone dykes surrounding the fields require a specialist to build and repair them.
 Built without mortar, this type of construction dates back to thousands of years BC

Roadside vegetation

Echoes of Richard Long sculpture!

This stone assemblage lying beside a path caught my eye. As we were close to a railway line
 it is most likely to be ballast stone used for laying the trackbed

Stone Circle by Richard Long  -   Scottish Gallery of Modern Art ..... HERE

Smailholm Tower near Melrose, now a museum, is an example of a renovated fortified tower.

I may come back to this later .....

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